The Lady, The Passion & The Birth Of A Brand

 A boutique spa experience offering the latest in anti-aging products and services. Aside from having cutting edge non-invasive laser treatments available, all our products are crafted in house. 


    We carefully select each ingredient to ensure we’re providing the most natural, organic and conscious materials. Tiffany B. is certified as a Holistic Practitioner for 4 years as well as Aromatherapist for the last 5 years.


  She started crafting products 3 years ago out of necessity. The first product was JasmineShea Body Butter which was created to assist with the dry skin of her children. It also incorporated the essential oil Jasmine, which aids in alleviating symptoms of depression.


     Passionate about skin rejuvenation she was prompted to get trained and certified as a Cosmetic Laser Technician, specializing in Hifu Skin Tightening (feminine rejuvenation) and Laser Lipolysis. Tiffany B. has also been trained in making spaces {OHE’s} Optimal Healing Environments. 

      The Harmony Eden way provides zen space for you to meditate while you shop our product line and have your non-invasive treatments done. Get the Glow!